Mating Service

Focused on farmer profitability, the Aberekin Mating Program (AMP) is designed to assist farmers in developing an organized approach to breeding programs.

The program, develop by Aberekin, provides more control over inbreeding and genetic recessives (CVM, BLAD,...).

This program helps guard herds against genetic recessives. When a cow's sire and maternal grandsire are known, the frequency of CVM-affected calves will be reduced by 75% with the use of Aberekin Mating Program. If the cow's sire and maternal grandsire are known, CVM-carrier sires used through the AMP will have a greater than 99% chance of producing a normal calf. AMP can protect a farmer's future and capitalize on the genetic potential of his herd.

Allows for more accurate mating of heifers.

The AMP:

  • Is based on individual farmer goals.
  • Is a scientific program utilizing advanced computer technology.
  • Utilizes CONAFE (Spanish Holstein Association) data on mating sires to enhance the lifetime profitability of a herd.
  • Guards against inbreeding and genetic recessives.

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