A New Super Exciting Sire CHICAGO

and the Global Giant, DUPLEX


            Crockett CHICAGO is the newest member of this elite group. Just released in July 2008, he sired by the extremely popular Champion. His lineage traces back to the amazing EX-95 Whittier-Farms Lead Mae.

            DUPLEX has achieved new levels of success with the release of this latest round of genetic evaluations with more that 1.000 daughters. He has the breeding of what may be one of the best balanced bulls in modern day Holstein genetics.

            Two new Aberekin bulls with high reliability have risen to the top of July list, AUTOMATIC (Audi * Gibbon) and EVEREST (Eland * Leadman EX-95).

            Aberekin veterans remain consistent breed leaders (MAZDA, EMIR, TOJO, DANDY, EMPIRE and BONUS). This team is completed with two red proven bulls , the Rubens son KETCHUP and the Cadon son GORRI.

            These very exciting bulls have been a welcomed addition to the Aberekin lineup.


     Our highest ranking of the bulls this round is the “Champion” son CHICAGO (Champion * Durham VG-87 * Bellwood EX-91 * Leadman Mae Ex-95) at the Aberekin. This bull arrives on the top of the list from the famous Whittier-Farms Leadman Mae (Ex-95) family. The strength of his cow family is world wide renowned. He provides an incredible balance of high milk production (+1216 kg.) and very high type (+3.22). CHICAGO transmits yield and snugly attached udders with incredible texture. A great combination of yield milk, type and deep cow family.


     DUPLEX (Durham * Emory Emerald EX-90). A proof based in 1033 daughters, and his type proof is increasing. He is +3.81 in type. Incredible!!!, a master of the Holstein Breed. This Durham son has achieved new levels of success during the last years. Breeders who have used DUPLEX in their herd are delighted with the results. DUPLEX is the sire bound to meet breeders´ high expectations for milk and type. He has the ability to stamp his daughters with strength, power and openness of ribs. In addition, daughters walk and exhibit a hard top line. DUPLEX is a very popular bull, producing striking cows with large dairy frames. One of the greatest sires of our time.


     The newest member of this elite group is EVEREST (Eland * Whittier-Farms Leadman Mae EX-95). 153 daughters/112 herds. EVEREST added more daughters to his January proof, bringing his proof up in production without faults for conformation (+2.15), excelling in mammary system (+2.98) and feet and legs. EVEREST is the sire bound to meet breeder's high expectations for protein, milk and type. He provides an incredible balance of production and functionality.


     TOJO (Blitz x Altagen Rudolph Mystri VG-88), the BLITZ son with excellent proof.  With 125 daughters in his proof transmits an extremely balanced proof. The daughters are very stylish, long-bodied cows that exhibit powerful front ends. They exhibit tremendous udder texture, teat shape and placement. Milk and type in one package.


     MAZDA (R Marshall x Mtoto x Celsius) . This bull arrived on the top of the list from the famous Con-Acres Hs Zita (EX-94) family in January 2008. At present time with 115 daughters he transmits high component production and functional dairy strength. In addition, he carries a low Somatic Cell Score and high Longevity. This bull has the ability to improve strength, feet and legs and udders.


     The newest bull of this round is AUTOMATIC (Audi * Giggon VG-85). This bull follows the philosophy of balanced breeding, milk, components, without faults for conformation, width and feet and legs. He excels in all udder traits, especially the fore udder where they are long well-attached


     EMPIRE (Emory x Mark Dellia EX-95). As his daughters are into their third and fourth lactations all around the world, Empire maintains a strong presence. His Conformation remains up at +2,15. Empire continues to please breeders world wide, siring tall, angular daughters that blend style and strength in perfect harmony.


     DANDY (Durham x Wilsondale Leadman Tracy EX-91) 249 daughters in 162 herds. This calving easy bull continues to sire terrific feet and legs (+2.36) and tightly attached udders with excellent fore udder, median suspensory and texture.


     EMIR (Emerson x Qg Elonka VG-86 x Delta Eugenie VG-88) 139 daughters in 105 herds. This bull transmits superior mammary systems with exceptional bone quality. This combination for long-lasting cows makes EMIR an extremely popular choice for any type of housing system. High fertility bull.


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