Consolidation of Exciting Sires around the Global Giant, DUPLEX


     The top new graduates of the last round remained high and the older top bulls are still breed elite sires. Aberekin graduated a Mr. Sam´s son at this time. This very exciting bull has been a welcomed addition to the Aberekin lineup.

     Five Aberekin bulls rise to the top of December list, VOLVO (Boliver * Magna), his full brother BOTIN, TIMBERLAND (Titanic * Bridget family),  TALON (Talent * Glimmer EX-92), and the new to the list SUDOKU (Mr Sam * Outside).

     Aberekin veterans remain consistent breed leaders (ONTARIO, DUPLEX, ONTARIO, CHICAGO, EMIR, MAZDA and EMPIRE).


     New to the list is SUDOKU. This type specialist is one of the early Mr Sam sons that have just emerged in the industry. A Mr Sam by Outside from the heart of the incomparable Dellia EX-95 family. SUDOKU has above average values for all health traits. However the most exciting trait is SUDOKU´s ability to sire the real type pleaser. Tall, deep and stylish cows with welded on udders is his trademark. SUDOKU daughters have steep foot angles and excellent mobility, traits that many breeders desire.


     VOLVO (Boliver * Magna) carries a low Somatic Cell Score and high Longevity. Hard working daughters. VOLVO daughters are generally much better than their dams. He provides a balance of production and functionality. And he is an easy calving bull.


     His full brother BOTIN, transmits an extremely balanced proof. The daughters are long-bodied cows that exhibit powerful front ends. They exhibit tremendous udder texture, teat shape and placement. BOTIN transmits yield and snugly attached udders with incredible texture.


      DUPLEX (Durham * Emory Emerald EX-90). This Durham son has achieved new levels of success during the last years. A proof based in more than 12.000 daughters all around the world. Number one Type bull, Dairy Strength and Durability in Canada. DUPLEX is a very popular bull, producing striking cows with large dairy frames. One of the greatest sires of our time. Breeders who have used DUPLEX in their herd are delighted with the results.


     TALON (Talent * Glimmer EX-92). A very interesting Red Carrier. 176 daughters. The strength of his cow family is world wide renowned. TALON sires tall, with exceptional bone quality. He transmits yield and protein components and excels in all mammary traits. Daughters track very well. Super in longevity.


     The “Bitsey” son TIMBERLAND (Titanic * Bridget family) is the sire bound to meet breeders´ high expectations for milk and type. TIMBERLAND sires tall, with exceptional bone quality. TIMBERLAND is a real feet and legs improver. He has the ability to stamp his daughters with strength, and openness of ribs. In addition, daughters walk and exhibit a hard top line. This very exciting bull has the ability to improve strength, feet and legs and udders. Calving ease bull.


     ONTARIO (Oman * Far-O-La Aaron Darlene EX-90). This calving easy bull follows the philosophy of balanced breeding without faults for conformation. He excels in all udder traits, especially the fore udder where they are long well-attached with tremendous veination and udder support. A great combination of yield milk and type.


     EMIR (Emerson * Eugenie family). EMIR added more daughters to his proof (close to 3.000), bringing his proof up in production without faults for conformation , excelling in mammary system and frame. EMIR is the sire bound to meet breeder's high expectations for protein, milk and type. He provides a balance of production and functionality.


     MAZDA (BW Marshall * Mtoto from Zita family). He provides an incredible balance of milk, high component production and functional dairy strength. In addition, he carries a low Somatic Cell Score and high Longevity. Hard working daughters. High fertility bull.


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