DUPLEX increased his Canadian daughter ratings to +19 on Conformation score and offers double-digit ratings across the board with +15 Mammary, +10 Feet and Legs, +19 Dairy Strength and +16 on Rump score. DUPLEX holds joint-pole position as the No. 1 Type leader in Canada, No. 1 Dairy Strength and Nº 12 LPI, and joins an impressive line-up of Aberekin listed type bulls. DUPLEX now has 123 Canadian scored daughters averaging 89% Good Plus and Better with an average of 36% being scored Very Good first lactation.


DUPLEX scores everywhere: The bull has an outstanding UK proof that offers slight increases over his January 2009 levels. DUPLEX offers a Holstein UK TM rating of +3.34; +2.98 Udder Composite and +2.92 on Feet and Leg scores. The bull has 195 daughters in his UK production proof offering increases of +486kgs milk and a PLI of +£90. DUplex daughters are averaging 90% Good Plus and Better in the UK and approximately 40% are scored Very Good.


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