EMPIRE strikes back

Cattle-breeding company World Wide Sires UK feature prominently in the latest genetic evaluations (February 2007) with bulls from ABEREKIN stud being simultaneously ranked in pole-position on both the International MACE Type listing and Actual Holstein UK Proven Type Merit rankings.


New World EMPIRE is the top proven Holstein UK bull with an Actual rating of +3.21 on Holstein UK Type Merit. The bull has a widespread proof based upon 96 UK scored daughters in 43 herds. EMPIRE is bred from two of the world's highest classified individuals and transmits the renowned type characteristics associated with both his sire and illustrious dam.


EMPIRE is a son of MJR Blackstar Emory, EX97 and his dam is the world renowned Brood cow, Snow-N-Denises Dellia EX95. The bull offers substantial increases on type traits across the board by delivering a blend of dairyness and strength with high ratings on Feet and Leg scores as well as Mammary traits.


The bull offers Holstein UK Type Merit ratings of +3.21; +3.18 on Feet and Legs and +3.05 on Locomotion scores. EMPIRE rates highly on udder improvement traits by offering +2.69 on Mammary, +2.33 Rear udder height and +2.37 on Rear udder support. The bull also offers substantial increases on Rump width having a score of +2.54 and the added bonus of milking speed ratings of +1.91 according to World Wide Sires UK Sales Manager John Cochrane.


"EMPIRE has emerged with a full UK proof that offers substantial increases in type and management traits and we're delighted that the bull is officially rated as the UK No.1 Type Merit sire. The bull is now dead and we have limited supply although customers who progeny-tested the bull have been ordering well in advance of the February evaluations. EMPIRE now has a widespread Holstein UK type proof and his dam is recognised as being the most popular bullmother in the world," he said.


"This is the first occasion that World Wide Sires UK has simultaneously owned the top bulls ranked on both the International MACE listing as well as on an Actual UK Type Merit rating. Breeders now recognise the strength and depth of the ABEREKIN global mating programme and Mesland DUPLEX maintained his position as the No.1 rated Type sire on the International listing."


Mesland DUPLEX is a son of Regancrest Elton Durham Ex90 and his dam is the renowned Henkseen Hills Emerald EX90. The bull offers UK MACE Type ratings of +3.61, +3.29 Angularity, +3.37 Dairy Strength, +3.83 Feet and Leg score, +2.36 Mammary and +3.36 Fore udder attachment. The bull also offers substantial increases on production by offering +424 kg milk, +7.3 kg fat (-0.11%) and +14.6 kg protein (+0.01%) and a PLI of £37.


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