EMIR has risen to the top of July Aberekin list achieving new levels of success.

                DUPLEX, enough said. Much more daughters to his proof and he remains one of the best balanced bulls in modern day Holstein genetics and number one in Type.

                ALMERIA, AUDI and DANDY have added new daughters to the proofs and they remains at the top of the list.

                Two newcomers have just released this time, BONUS and LLETISO.


                EMIR (Emerson * Qg Elonka VG-86 * Delta Eugenie VG-88 * Delta Esmeralda VG-86)) has risen to the top of the Aberekin list with +2664 ICO, now with 76 daughters in 60 herds. EMIR sires tall, open, ribbed cows with exceptional bone quality. He is a feet&leg improver. He transmits a lot of milk with high fat and protein components and excels in all mammary traits. Daughters track very well. A great combination of Type and Production. An interesting package with Extreme Calving Ease.


                DUPLEX (Durham * Emory Emerald EX-90) He is a Durham from Henkessen M Hillary EX94-2E GMD DOM daughter, EMERALD EX90. With 344 daughters, transmits an extremely balanced proof. The daughters are very stylish, long-bodied cows that exhibit powerful front ends and added chest width. They are clean boned and exhibit tremendous udder texture, teat shape and placement. DUPLEX daughters are generally much better than their dams and are often the tallest and milkiest young cows in the herd.

                DUPLEX has the ability to stamp his daughters with power, strength and openness of ribs. In addition, daughters walk and exhibit a hard top line. The Duplex daughters have a slight slope to their rumps. They have extremely good foot angle and depth of heel. The udders are very impressive, especially good in the fore udder.

                His daughters´ udders are the best part. The fore udders are long and well attached. High wide rear udders. This is an exceptional udder bull.


                ALMERIA (Aaron * Jolt MB-88 * Astre MB-87 * Broker) Now with 173 daughters in 121 herds, Almeria is the sire bound to meet breeders´ high expectations for milk and type. Superb foot traits and snugly attached udders with incredible texture, he is the highest ranking of the  "udder-bulls" (+3,04). Daughters exhibit, wide rear udders, with an exceptional central support. Breeders who have used Almeria in their herd are delighted with the results. Almeria is a very popular bull, producing striking cows with extra udders. High fertility bull.


AUDI ( Aaron * New-Way Patron Allie VG-88) 266 daughters/130 herds. AUDI added much more daughters to his proof in July, bringing his proof up in production without faults for conformation, excelling in mammary system and feet and legs. AUDI is the sire bound to meet breeder´s high expectations for protein ant type. He has the ability to stamp his daughters in all udder traits with tremendous veination and udder support.


DANDY (Durham * Leadman Tracy EX-91 * Tury EX-92 * Tory EX-94) increases the number of daughters with 124 daughters /98 herds. He is a Durham son of the famous "Wilsondale Leadman Tracy" EX-91. The next dam is an EX-92 Blackstar followed by an EX-94 Valiant. The strength of his cow family is world wide renowned. Generations of Excellent cows.

DANDY is one of the top bulls for udder (+2,60), he is +2,13 for feet and legs, and his daughters have high, wide rear udders, with an exceptional central support. This combination for long-lasting cows will make DANDY an extremely popular choice for any type of housing system. He is a calving ease bull.


BONUS (Bond * Rudolph Dorothy VG-86 * Geoffry Dallas VG-86 * Leadman Doris EX-91) makes a strong debut and achieves +2153 ICO with 77 daughters/56 herds. He transmits very high fat and protein components. BONUS sires open, ribbed cows with exceptional bone quality, very good feet&legs (+2,62) and high and wide rear udders.  In addition he is an easy calving bull, excelling in Somatic Cell Score and Longevity.


LLETISO (Lantz * Wade Dancy VG-86 * Leadman Doris EX-91) have risen with an important number of daughters 109 /65 herds with +1970 ICO. This is another bull from Dellia´s family that transmits milk with high protein components, good feet&legs, and high and wide rear udders.


Aberekin veterans remain consistent breed leaders (STARTIT, ZELATI, FORTUNE, EMPIRE, JAZZ ...).


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